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Welcome to Music! We have the newest songs on earth! Like rap, polka, anything! Just Invite your friends and share your music with each other!

News: Imma Be-BEP

THIS IS NOT CREATED BY ME CREDIT GOES TO BLACKEYEDPEASVEVO ON YOUTUBE This is a video to watch when in need of a dancing mood! I give it **** <<<< stars

News: Hey :P

I am making a surveythat shows which ice cream is popular.Here are your choices:edy'sBen and jerryscold stone creamerybaskin robbinshersheys ice cream (NO RELATION TO THE CANDY BAR)klondikedippin dotsPopSicleHaagen-dazWarning

News: Adminers

Here are a series of steps to get my approval on the music It must be an official video that isnt a concert, but a music video, and you can add videos with lyrics to the music. Must be from Yahoo, Google, Bing, and youtube. Submit a post including the link. Wait for results.Warnings

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